Armidale Dental Care Facilities

Discover our advanced, modern technology and state of the art facilities available to you.


Ergonomic Dental Chairs

Today, dental chairs are ever-changing and continue to offer new benefits for patients and dentists. Our dental chairs are ergonomic and built out of aluminium combined with plastic features and soft padding for greater comfort.

They are highly adjustable and equipped with adjacent dental equipment. The dentist has full control and can safely perform complex dental procedures like small scale dental surgery procedures at both the patients’ and dentists’ comfort.

Besides being high-tech and ergonomic, the most important characteristic of dental chairs is that they can create a feeling of comfort even for the most nervous patients.


Digital X-Rays

Digital imaging enables us to see beyond what can generally be detected during a visual exam, allowing us to identify cavities in between your teeth, determine bone level, and analyse the health of your bone. We can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts or tumours, and assess damage when trauma occurs.

The timing of x-rays is tailored specifically to each patient’s needs. With digital imaging, exposure time is about 50% less when compared to traditional methods. Digital imaging also provides patient images that can be quickly and easily transferred to specialists or insurance companies.

CBCT (Sirona Orthophos SL) 

This technology creates a three-dimensional digital view of any aspect of your teeth and jaw. With a 3D cone beam, we can focus on more specific areas of the mouth because it creates a three-dimensional digital view of your teeth and jaw.

We can plan more accurate implant treatment, achieve more successful root canals and get a clearer view of sinus problems.

Dental Microscope

The dental microscope is an essential instrument used in dental procedures and dental surgery, allowing optimal assessment, preservation and maintenance of tooth structure and oral tissue, as well as minimally invasive procedures.

EMS Air Flow®

EMS Airflow® guided biofilm therapy uses a combination of air, warm water and ultra fine powder to help remove plaque, calculus and certain stains from tooth surfaces.

Nitrous oxide

Happy gas is safe and effective for all ages. We can add nitrous dental sedation to any appointment, whether it’s a scale and clean or dental implant placement.

Laser (SiroBlue) 

Soft tissue lasers allow for faster recovery without added discomfort. Lasers reduce the risk of swelling and infection. We use them during extractions, gum recontouring, cold sore treatments and more.

CEREC Omnicam (Same-day crowns) 

Now you can enjoy the convenience of same-day CEREC technology and have your crown fitted, fabricated and placed all in the same appointment.

Intraoral Camera

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand why we might recommend certain treatments. With an intraoral camera, we can show you exactly what your dentist sees in your mouth—and in real-time. A visual representation of a dental issue usually leads to a better understanding of treatment recommendations.

Comfortable Treatment

During treatment at Armidale Dental Care, patients have the luxury of watching the television or listening to the music of their choice through our ceiling-mounted television. If you suffer from dental anxiety or require a distraction from the tools used during your treatment, having the TV available can be of great advantage to the overall comfort of your treatment.

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Arriving At Armidale Dental Care

When arriving at Armidale Dental Care for the first time, you will find we are located opposite McDonald’s on Marsh Street in Armidale. You will also find free on-site parking as well as disability parking bays and wheelchair access. Our practice is conveniently located near a bus stop for those requiring public transport.

You will be welcomed into our practice by our friendly front office staff who will check you in and ensure all your details are correct or have you sign a New Patient Form if you aren’t an existing patient, and you will then be seated in the waiting area for a brief period before your dentist is ready to see you.

During this time, patients are welcome to watch our educational videos on the television in our waiting room while they wait to be seen.

How do I book a dental appointment?

If you’re ready to book your appointment with the team at Armidale Dental Care, contact our team online or call us on (02) 6772 9386 and we will assist you in booking your appointment.